Painting primarily with encaustics, Christine incorporates vivid colours, figurative illustrations and found objects into her pieces. “I am always striving for balance in my work. Pairing bold graphic elements with organic shapes created by the wax is an exciting challenge.” Christine studied Graphic Design at St. Lawrence College and has taken several encaustic workshops both in Kingston and Toronto.

In her recent work, she explores elements of nature and the patterns that are created both naturally and intentionally.

“Nature has its own beautiful way of displaying patterns and grids.

You can appreciate these details when a small isolated instance of nature interacts with human-made elements. The intricate structure of a leaf or a pinecone contrasts with the concrete it falls on, and the shifting shadows add another dimension to the organic lines that creep along the path. I discover these small interactions as I follow the same paths day after day. The wind blows and a new composition is created.”